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Founder Rachel Zedeck

The Backpack Farm's partners are all leading technical experts in the Kenya agriculture and manufacturing sectors representing the project team’s commitment to investing in local capacity and social enterprise "to make money doing good." 

Medea Group Limited

Founded in 2007, Medea Group is responsible for incubating and managing the daily operations of the Backpack Farm Agriculture Program as well as generating new commercial investment into smallholder production models.  To ensure the technical integrity of the program, Medea group has  partnered with three Kenyan owned and managed firms.  


Irrico International Ltd. (

Founded in 2002 by Mr. Bilu Vadera, a Kenyan owned and operated firm specializing in water technologies. The organization currently operates in seven (7) African countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Mozambique and South Sudan. The Irrico team incubates, designs, implements and monitors a variety of unique water-based platforms, including commercial irrigation systems, water distribution facilities and land-based irrigation schemes, leveraging a unique understanding and respect for both blue and green water management systems.

Lachlan Kenya Limited  (


Founded in 2001, Lachlan actively educates and encourages environmentally intelligent farming that meets and exceeds competitive expectations.  The Lachlan team is actively supporting commercial agricultural projects in nine (9) countries in Africa, including Ethiopia, Burundi, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

Sandstorm Kenya (

Sandstorm Kenya originally established in Nairobi to make luxury tents for East Africa's leading safari camps. Their reputation has grown both in Kenya and overseas as has their range of products. Sandstorm Kenya designed and is responsible for the production of each backpack. Sandstorm Kenya is a Kenyan registered and managed firm. Their employment policies ensure recruitment based on skill, but actively and positively discriminate in favour of local women ensuring a trickle-down local enterprise.